A History of firsts

We’re not ones to boast—but we’ve had our share of memorable firsts in our 143 years. And if we don’t share them, who will?
Check out some of Bulova’s History of Firsts…we’re pretty proud of our accomplishments!

The faces of many firsts.

Bulova recognizes and #celebrates the extraordinary individuals who pioneered movements, pushed boundaries and challenged the status quo. #HistoryofFirsts

First on the airwaves.

#Bulova made history with the first ever television commercial, the brand ran the very first #radio ad, which proclaimed "At the tone, it's eight o'clock, B‑U‑L‑O‑V‑A Watch Time." #HistoryofFirsts

Setting the record straight.

Bulova made space history on August 2, 1971. During the Apollo 15 mission, the Moon Pilot Chronograph was the world's first privately owned timepiece to make it to the moon and back, recently auctioning off for $1.62 Million.#HistoryofFirsts

A revolutionary first for #travel.

Bulova’s Accutron was the only wristwatch precise enough to qualify for U.S. railroad certification, thanks to its #innovativetuning fork and modern quartz #movement. #HistoryofFirsts

The first in battle.

First worn by members of the U.S. #Army #AirForce, Bulova’s Hack Watch was time-tested by some of the most #courageousmen and women in the most extreme conditions. #HistoryofFirsts

The first spot.

Before a #baseball game between the #BrooklynDodgers and the Philadelphia #Phillies, Bulova paved the way for generations of brands by becoming the first to run a #television #commercial. #HistoryofFirsts

The first to think different.

Bulova’s #Accutron broke boundaries by using a resonating tuning fork to regulate timekeeping, making it more accurate and mechanically sound than any other model of its #time. #HistoryofFirsts

The first to bend the rules.

Bulova’s CURV watch is the first of its kind. The masterfully designed timepiece features a contoured fit with the world’s first curved #chronograph #movement for the most precise #accuracy. #HistoryofFirsts

First place.

Bulova invented and produced the world’s first #photo timer, which was used to track finishing times for runners during international #athletic competition trials. #HistoryofFirsts

First step for interstellar timepieces.

In collaboration with NASA, Bulova developed technology for various timing instruments for satellites, 46 U.S. space missions and Skylab — the United States’ first space station. #HistoryofFirsts

First to fight for what’s right.

In 1974, #Bulova has a rich history of supporting gender #equality, and fueled a #movement by running an advertisement to raise #awareness for equal pay, equal time. #HistoryofFirsts

First in #flight.

Bulova challenged pilots to make the first non-stop flight across the #Atlantic #Ocean. Charles Lindbergh was the intrepid victor and was awarded a Bulova watch line with his namesake — “The Lone Eagle”. #HistoryofFirsts

An #innovative first.

#Bulova released The #Precisionist — a modern watch with a proprietary sweeping second hand movement that pioneered a new #era of timepiece #technology. #HistoryofFirsts

A first for women.

Since pocket #watches weren’t #fashionable for women, the introduction of the first complete line of ladies’ wristwatches empowered an entire gender group to own their #time, for the first time. #HistoryofFirsts

This is where it all started.

Joseph Bulova, the founder of #Bulova watches, opened his first storefront on Maiden Lane in #NYC. This was the first step toward a history of firsts that left an indelible mark on the world and continues to #inspire us to keep moving forward. #HistoryofFirsts


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